Saturday, September 25, 2010

Melancholic Serenade

Come, my darling
Your face, I want to see
My beloved, return to life.
My love, come back to live. 

My tears are dry.
I already cried my pain.

I was so sad,
When I met you.
Our love changed everything.
Your presence,
Your body,
All life that you gave to me! 

Now, I don't know 
how to cheer me up.
Without you, everything is empty 
My soul is like a wind,
Suspiring for you.

Go, to another world.
Never forget your beloved
In my heart,
You repose…
Eternal Love,
Rest in peace…


  1. E esse amor tão fácil veio e foi.. Não é triste, mas também não é de toda felicidade. Belo, belo texto.